Why you should use a travel agent

You are about to spend a lot of money on a place that you have likely never been.  Let me explain why it’s important to utilize the services of a certified travel agent for your next vacation.  I’m talking about “real” agencies like Everlasting Memories Vacations.  You and I know there are many people out there pretending to be a travel agents.  A quick look at Craiglist or Facebook will likely lead you to many people pretending to be professional travel agents.  I’m not talking about those folks.  Some people think going on vacation a few times makes you a travel professional.  It doesn’t.  Legit travel agencies like Everlasting Memories Vacations have experience, they have key contacts at the resorts, they know people at the airlines, and most importantly they have actually been to the locations they are selling.

Below are a few key points everyone should consider when choosing a travel agency (and deciding if they should book with a online travel site).

No additional cost to you – Since travel agents are paid by the suppliers you don’t have to worry about paying them yourself. Agents work for you and do their best to make sure you are satisfied.  Everlasting Memories agents even make themselves available to them after hours by giving you their cell phone number.  Doesn’t that make you feel like a VIP.

Save time and money – Travel agents enjoy taking the burden from you when putting packages together and finding the best deals.  Why go from site to site, phone call to phone call when you can make a single call and have your needs taken care of?  Our best price guarantee assures you will not find a better price even after you book.  Resorts charge the same price whether you take advantage of using a travel agent or not.

Personal relationship – By letting your Travel Agent know what your needs and wants, likes and dislikes are, you are arming them with the necessary tools to make your current and future travel plans a success.  Your agent will also be able to personalize your experience when shopping for the best deals.  We have experienced the resorts in person and can give you first hand knowledge of what to expect.  When something unique is needed we have key contacts at the resort on speed dial and they actually know who we are.  Our travel clients often become friends and long term travelers with us.  That’s why we treat our clients like they are family.  Who do you trust more?  Your Everlasting Memories travel agent or a minimum wage employee on the end of a 800 number who has likely never been to any of the destinations or resorts he/she is selling.

Experts in travel – Travel Agents know what’s going on in the travel world.  We know how to reserve travel that you’ll be the most comfortable and where to find that travel.  We know when airlines change itineraries, and we know if remodeling is being done at your resort so we can inform you and help you make changes if need be.  Best of all, your Travel Agent is ready with answer to your questions and inquiries.  If it’s something we don’t happen to know right off hand, we do know where to find the information.  Our agents have met with and keep in touch with the most popular resorts and cruise lines.  We make sure to you the best possible room in your category and try our hardest to receive free upgrades if they become available.

Emergency access – If something were to go wrong with your travel arrangements you have one person to go to in order to get it straighten out.  And it’s easy to get in touch with us.  We give you our phone number, cell number (call or text), our e-mail, facebook messenger, etc.

Take this senario into consideration.

You’ve just started out on your vacations and you’ve missed your connecting flight.  This means you’ll be late for everything else on your itinerary.  You make one phone call to EM Vacations.  Your travel agent then gets to work and calls you back with your status.  Guess what the travel agent has done?  Another flight has been found and scheduled for you, your transfers or car rental has been rescheduled, and the resort has been notified of the delay and your fears and stress level have been put to rest.  All that was accomplished with one phone call for FREE!  *

Now let’s think what happens if you booked on your own through an online travel site.  You try to call them.  They tell you it’s an airline issue and to see an agent at the airport.  You wait in line for an hour (with everyone else trying to find a new flight).  By the time you get to the counter all the flights have been rebooked and they inform you need to spend the night at the airport. You wait an hour for your bags and then you spend the night at the airport (if you are lucky the airline offered you a hotel room, but depending on the cause for the delay probably not).  You wake up early to clear security and recheck your bags and finally get a plane to your destination.  The resort isn’t expecting you so they don’t have shuttle ready for you.  You wait an hour plus at the airport for them to arrange transportation.  You arrive to the resort finally to begin your vacation, but you are so tired all you want to do is take a nap.  You miss out on a full day of your vacation but the resort still charges you for it.  You pray for the rest of the week that you don’t have any issues on your return flight home, but you think about it your entire vacation.

Which sounds better?  Obviously the scenario where you call us and we handle it for you while you enjoy a drink at the airport bar.  Right?

And that’s just the start of it.  Did you know in the contract with many online travel sites you agree they can bump you from your vacation and not refund you any money.  It’s in the fine print that no one reads.  It’s true google it.

Convenience – You can book in our office, over the phone (585-643-7770 in Rochester).  We are also available by e-mail (Tracy@emvaca.com), or online at www.EMvaca.com.  No matter how you book with Everlasting Memories Vacations you will receive the support of your local certified travel specialist.

Tracy Gentner – EMvaca.com


* the scenario described above is not guaranteed.  Each travel emergency has a different cause and there are no cookie cutter solutions.  Everlasting Memories does all we can to assist during travel emergencies.